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Lara & Eric Trump's Baby Has Hair Like Donald (Photo)

Lara & Eric Trump's Baby Has Hair Like Donald (Photo) Promo Image

Eric and Lara Trump's baby boy appears to take after his grandfather.

Eric Luke Trump, the 1-month-old son of Eric and Lara, has a head of hair that some say resembles that of President Donald Trump's famous ginger combover, observes the Daily Mail. On Oct. 22, Lara shared a snapshot of Luke on Instagram, showing off his lengthy, light-colored locks. Some of her followers said he looks a lot like The Donald.

"Grandpa's hair is awesome," one person wrote, while another said: "He has his grandfather's hair! #NextTrumpPresident."

In an interview with Ainsley Earhardt on "Fox & Friends," Lara said: "He's a great baby, he really does not cry that much, he's so sweet... and he has a lot of hair! Apparently he has more hair than most babies!"

As Eric put it, "He has the Trump hair!" -- adding that he also had blond locks as a child.  "I did and it was bleach blond," he said. "He takes after me in that way."

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On another Fox program, "Justice with Judge Janine," Lara discussed her experience with breastfeeding her new baby.

"It's sort of incredible that the human body not only provides you with the immense love that you naturally and immediately have for another human you just met, but that you can provide everything that they need," she marveled. Lara, who is working on Donald's 2020 re-election campaign, also told her interviewer that "it is a definite balancing act when you are a mom that also works." But Eric is "ready for number two," she said, so the balancing act might be getting even more challenging if he has his way.

When it was announced in March that Lara was pregnant, Hollywood personality Chelsea Handler created a brief stir when she made fun of the news, the Daily Mail reported.

Upon learning that Lara was pregnant, Handler sarcastically tweeted: "I guess one of [Donald Trump's] sons is expecting a new baby. Just what we need. Another person with those jeans. Let's hope for a girl."  Further stir was then caused by her misspelling of "genes," the Daily Mail reports.

Although Lara and Eric ignored the tweet, Eric's brother, Donald Trump Jr., mounted a Twitter offensive against Handler. In addition to criticizing her for making a typo by writing "jeans" instead of "genes," he also denounced her status as a Hollywood liberal.

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"The liberal elite's real hatred is hopefully starting to be apparent to mainstream America," he tweeted. "Their whole party of tolerance nonsense only applies if you fully buy into their dogma, and when you don't their true colors shine."

He went on to further declare: "Attacking the announcement of someone's first pregnancy would seem below the belt to most, but sadly that's no longer the case."  But Handler has remained silent since the arrival of Eric Luke, who is Donald's ninth grandchild.

Sources: Daily Mail (2) / Featured Image: BostonJerry/Wikimedia Commons / Embedded Images: Instagram via Daily Mail, Howard Lake/Flickr

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