People Freak Out Over UN Trucks In Virginia

Conservative websites have been buzzing with conspiracy theories over some United Nations (UN) vehicles that were recently photographed in Lexington, Virginia.

Facebook user Jeff Stern posted pictures of the UN vehicles on June 24, and noted: "Can't begin to tell you how many of these I passed today on 81 near Lexington VA, Interesting times ahead!"

Stern's posting has generated nearly 10,000 Facebook "likes."

Liberty Is Viral, a conservative blog, wrote about a series of alarmist warnings:

An eyewitness Facebook post warning is going viral that shares one Vietnam Veterans recent experience down in Dallas, Texas. The warning, reposted by American Gun Rights-Texas who are requesting confirmation of this post, warns of 30 United Nations vehicles, fully loaded with combat prepared troops, driving down I-30 towards Garland, Texas.

Are these UN troops here preparing for economic collapse in America? Is this related to Iran ships approaching the US border? Is this tied to this warning from John Moore via Susan Duclos: Military Vehicles Moved Through US At Night, Hidden In The Day? The Alex Jones video from days ago appears to be warning us of exactly this: "The UN Takeover of America."

Another convoy of UN trucks on 67 just outside of Cleburne TX they turned north on 174 headed towards Burleson reported by another patriot in Texas.


Amidst the online hysteria, Snopes.com reports that even the Daily Mail wondered aloud if "the U.N. is preparing [to respond to] economic collapse in America."

The fact-checking website reached out to Alpine Armoring, the company that built the vehicles. A spokesperson said that the UN bought the trucks for use outside of the U.S. The trucks are being transported to their final ports of call -- planes or ships.

Snopes.com notes that the UN vehicles on Interstate 81 were being transported through Virginia to an undisclosed overseas location, but were not going to be used in the U.S.

Sources: Jeff Stern/Facebook, Liberty Is Viral, Snopes.com / Photo credit: Jeff Stern/Facebook

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