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President Trump Caught Rehearsing Speech (Photo)

President Donald Trump was caught rehearsing his speech moments before his first major address to a joint session of Congress.

The event marked the president's first big speech since his inauguration, a speech that lasted about 15 minutes, Mashable reported.

Moments before his big night, Trump was seen in the back of his limousine with papers in his hands. He appeared to be practicing his speech. 

"Trump sure looks like he's practicing his speech here," was tweeted.

The video clip got the social media treatment, with several Twitter users providing their own commentary as to what Trump might have been doing in the limo. "The Daily Show" went as far as to adding the audio from Trump's infamous hot mic moment with Billy Bush where he bragged about grabbing women "by the p***y."

"The Daily Show" tweeted: "BREAKING: Hot mic catches Trump rehearsing speech. #JointSession."

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Other Twitter users provided alternative theories as to what Trump was up to before his big speech.

"Trump looks like he's trying to cram moments before an exam," wrote one Twitter user.

"Trump practices talking about his 'crowd size' in limo ride to #JointSession," wrote another.

"Trump is practicing his speech 'I do not like them Sam I Am, I do not like green eggs and ham!' #JointAddress," tweeted another user.

Other Twitter users were more critical of Trump's actual speech.

"Trump wants 'streets where mothers are safe from fear.' Reminder: A man who bragged abt assaulting women is President. #JointSession," NARAL tweeted. "Trump: 'My job is to represent the USA' Unless you are a woman, Latinx, an immigrant, Muslim, #LGBTQ... #JointSession #TrumpTranslator."

Another key moment during Trump's address to congress included his recognition of the widow of Navy Seal Ryan Owens, who was killed during the Yemen raid.

"Ryan died as he lived -- a warrior and a hero," Trump said during his speech. The crowd then stood and applauded the veteran's wife for about two whole minutes. Trump then told her that "Ryan is looking down and he's very happy cause he just broke a record."

While the tribute touched some people, others were not so moved.

"Disgusting. Ryan didn't want to break a record," one social media user tweeted. "He probably wanted to live no thanks to this sloppy mission. Trump's fault. #Jointsession."

Others felt Trump did a fine job.

"Trump has exceeded my expectations with this speech," wrote one user. "Bravo."

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