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Oscar Viewers Fixate On Nicole Kidman's Weird Clapping (Video)

Besides the mix-up over the wrong movie being announced as Best Picture at the Oscars, social media users have become fixated with an A-list star's strange hand clapping (video below).

Actress Nicole Kidman's awkward clapping has been the subject of many discussions on social media sites as users and followers cannot help commenting on her seal-like clap. 

According to the BBC, she seemed to clap only with her palms, not her fingers. 

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Kidman was a nominee in the best supporting actress category for the 89th Academy Awards for her work in "Lion." She lost to Viola Davis, who took home the statue for her work in "Fences." 

The actress showed up at the Los Angeles award ceremony looking immaculate in an Armani Prive gown, along with her musician husband, Keith Urban. The customized designer dress in champagne tones featured complex designs made of sparkling elements and was cut to show off most of Kidman's back. 

Kidman wore bright red lipstick and only a light application of pink blush to highlight her porcelain white skin. Her hair was swept to the side and tied up in an intricate bun. 

But Kidman experienced a problem when a strap of her dress broke on the way to the ceremony.

"I had a bit of a panic because my strap on my dress broke when I got in the car," the actress said, Today reports. 

But she managed to overcome the emergency, the Daily Mail reports. 

But it was her strange way of clapping that captivated viewers the most. 

One Twitter user asked: "Why does Nicole Kidman clap like The Grinch?!"

Another wondered: "Why does Nicole Kidman clap so weirdly?? I've never seen anyone ever clap like that unless they have wet nail polish..?" 

"Nicole Kidman needs to be plugged in and charged up at night," joked another Twitter user. 

The Mirror reported her clapping made some angry: "Nicole Kidman clapping at the oscars makes me scream internally."

Observers note she was wearing heavy jewelry, which may have kept her from clapping normally.  

Kidman won the Best Actress Oscar in 2003 for her role in "The Hours."

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