Reality Star's Choice Of Cat Food Sparks Controversy (Video)


Shocking video of a reality star feeding her cat live goldfish sparked outrage across social media.

In a video of the incident (below), former Great Escape contestant Morgan Lynn can be seen emptying a bag of goldfish into a bathtub, the Daily Mail reports. Her African wildcat, Zeus the Serval, spots the fish from the side of the bath and attempts to catch them with his paws.

Within minutes, none of the goldfish are left. 

Reaction to the video was mixed, with some criticizing the reality star’s decision to feed her cat live fish.

“I understand that he needs to play, but I think you could find a different way than killing live fish, when there's tons of already killed fish you could buy at the supermarket,” one commenter wrote.

“I'm sure there's a lot of different ways for him to play that don't include killing/torturing," the commenter added. "Even if anyone says 'he's a big cat, he needs to do this' like no, I'm pretty sure he doesn’t. He'll never have to hunt to feed himself and never did, because his owners will always give him food, so there's no need to stimulate these instincts.”

Another video of Lynn and her cat went viral late last year, with the cat seemingly calling her “mama," reported at the time.

Do you think it was okay for the cat to be fed live goldfish in Lynn’s most recent viral video? Watch the clip below.

Sources: Daily Mail, / Photo credit: Video Screenshot via Daily Mail 

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