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Internet Goes Crazy Over Birthday Party Invite (Photos)

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Social media users were outraged after a story circulated about a British mother who imposed a $70 minimum spend on gifts for her son's birthday party.

Satirical news site the Southend News Network wrote the fake story -- which soon caused the Internet to break into a frenzy, as many believed it to be real, reported the Daily Mail. The minimum was imposed by Karen De Noosh, who said she was "tired of buying nice presents" for her son's friends and getting cheap gifts in return.

"I was considering just making a gift list that you could find at a wedding or engagement party, but I didn’t want people to think that we are a pretentious family," she added.

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She sent a flyer to friends of her son, Alfie, with a notice about the gift minimum.

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"Absolutely disgusting, some parents can't even afford to spend that on their own kids let alone somebody else's," one reader commented on Facebook.

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"That is so greedy! I generally spend [$14] on a present for a party child, if it's a better friend maybe a little more," another wrote.

The hoax article is just one of many stories posted by the site that people believed to be real.

Sources: Daily Mail, Southend News Network / Photo credit: Daily Mail

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