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Video Of Weightlifting Pregnant Woman Sparks Controversy

Social media users are outraged after seeing video footage of how a pregnant woman has been spending her time.

A video has surfaced of a pregnant woman doing pull ups and lifting heavy weights and viewers have not been shy about expressing their outrage. The video, which was uploaded to Facebook on Jan. 25, has been viewed over 4 million times and shared over 50,000 times as of Jan. 28.

“SMH she’s an idiot,” one Facebook user wrote. “I don’t care what she did BEFORE pregnancy, once she got pregnant, the safety of the fetus should come first.”

In a report by Women’s Health Magazine, Dr. Raul Artal explained the dangers of weightlifting and doing high-intensity workouts while pregnant.

“When you lift heavy weights, blood flow is temporarily diverted from your internal organs to your muscles,” Dr. Artal said. “This could prevent nutrients and oxygen from getting to the baby.”

The Women’s Health report goes on to explain that exercise, including light weightlifting, can be beneficial while pregnant, but heavy weightlifting can present risks to the baby.

Sources: Ratchet Videos/FacebookWomen’s Health / Photo Credit: Stephen Coburn/Shutterstock via Women's Health, Jessa9/Flickr

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