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Fans Worry After Seeing Kim Kardashian's Workout Outfit (Video)

Fans have expressed concern for Kim Kardashian after seeing the outfit she wore to work out at the gym.

According to Page Six, Kim Kardashian shared videos of herself on her Snapchat account revealing what she wore to the gym in order to lose weight faster -- a black sauna suit.

"Don just called me Missy Elliott," Kardashian said in a Snapchat video. "Look it -- I'm wearing a full sweat suit 'cause I gotta [lose] this extra, like, seven pounds."

Kardashian also shared a photo of the lower half of the sauna suit, with the caption: "7 lbs to go to get to 115 lbs."

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Fans have expressed worry for Kardashian after seeing her sauna suit, which her sister, Khloe, has been photographed using for workouts in the past. According to Livestrong, sauna suits essentially dehydrate your body, which can make them dangerous to wear during exercise. 

Livestrong explains the risks of wearing sauna suits to work out:

Because of the extreme loss of water while working out in a sauna suit, a person may experience symptoms related to heat stroke. Potential health risks include, dehydration, weakness, dizziness, fainting and muscle cramps. Extended use of sauna suits for the purposes of inducing quick weight loss can lead to serious health emergencies including organ failure due to extreme loss of electrolytes and even death related to heat stroke.

According to the Daily Mail, Kardashian previously reached her goal of 125 pounds in August 2016, after losing 70 pounds following the birth of her son, Saint West.

Livestrong continued to provide advice from experts for healthier weight-loss methods:

Although sauna suits do provide for quick weight loss, the results only last until you drink a glass of water or refuel your body. In general, these kind of quick weight loss gimmicks are not considered a healthy way to drop unwanted pounds. For effective, long term weight loss, Donald Hensrud, M.D. on recommends permanent changes in your eating and exercise habits for a weight loss of 1 to 2 lbs. a week.

Sources: Page SixDaily Mail, Livestrong, News Touch/YouTube / Photo credit: Eva Rinaldi/Flickr, Snapchat via Daily Mail

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