Brain Teaser Stumps Social Media Users

A new brain teaser is quickly spreading around the Internet and has left some completely stumped.

A puzzle being shared on social media seems as though it should be relatively simple and straight-forward, but many have been totally confused by the teaser, not realizing that the answer is right in front of their eyes.

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The puzzle above, as seen on Daily Mail, appears to say, "Can you find the mistake?" Underneath is a set of numbers, 1 through 9, each in a different color. 

Naturally, the user's attention is drawn to the numbers and it is easy to waste a few minutes trying to decipher what about these numbers is wrong. However, the answer may be even easier than you realize.

Those who have solved the puzzle have shared it for others to try and have pointed out that the true mistake isn't in the numbers at all: it's the word 'the.' As you can see upon a second look, "the" is in the question twice, so the real puzzle actually reads, "Can you spot the the mistake?"

LittleThings shared a very similar puzzle in which the answer is not what you'd expect upon first glance.

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The answer to this puzzle is that the actual mistake is in the word "mistake," which is spelled "mitsake."

Share these puzzles with your friends and see if they are able to catch the real mistakes!

Sources: Daily MailLittleThings / Photo Credit: CollegeDegrees360/Flickr

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