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Pennsylvania Man Goes On Wild Road Rage (Video)

A wild moment of road rage was recently caught on video (below) by a driver in Pennsylvania.

In the video, an unidentified man wearing gray sweatshirt yells profanities, punches the driver's window and tries to open the car door, notes

The road rager challenges the driver to a fight, but the driver keeps telling him to calm down, and eventually says he's going to call the police, which is when the angry man finally walks away.

The driver wrote on the social media site Reddit: "I was driving home from work following this guy. We came upon a stop sign. (except right turn) He didn't signal a right turn so I moved to the right to avoid having to stop. He then turned right prompting me to [brake] quickly to avoid him."

"Several minutes later at the next red light he went into the left turn lane then got on my six (behind me) and followed me for a while. Once we hit a long red light he got out of his car and approached me. I remained calm for two reasons. One.. I was filming.. Two.. I had a pistol in my lap under a coat. (I have a conceal carry license) If the window broke and he assaulted me, I was going to protect myself."

"I called the police shortly after. Turns out he also called the police claiming I hit his car. Cop came to my house to check my car for damage.. he found none. I didn't hit the guy. Showed this video to the officer and gave him a copy on a thumb drive. Waiting to follow up tomorrow."

According to the driver's update, the road rage guy was charged with simple assault.

WARNING: Video contains strong language.

Sources: RawStory.comReddit / Photo credit: YouTube Screenshot

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