Pelican Crashes Swim Meet In Florida (Video)


A brown pelican crashed a swim meet in St. Petersburg, Florida, on Jan. 23 (video below).

The St. Pete Masters team, whose mascot is a pelican, posted a video on its Facebook page showing the wayward bird swimming and flying across the lanes during a race, notes UPI.

Elena Cano, the race timekeeper and videographer of the incident, told the Tampa Bay Times: "All of the sudden, someone said, 'Did you see that?' And there was a pelican in the water."

The pelican, and other birds, had previously landed during the meet.

"They didn't stop any race," Cano added. "We just kept on timing."

"I thought, 'I hope the bird didn't poop in the water.'"

Fortunately, the pelican flew away during the meet, and most of the swimmers didn't realize the bird had participated in their race.

Sources: Tampa Bay Times, UPI / Photo credit: Screenshot via St. Pete Masters/Facebook

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