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Patton Oswalt's Daughter Writes Card For Donald Trump (Photo)

Comedian and actor Patton Oswalt's 7-year-old daughter wrote a postcard to President Donald Trump that has gone viral on Twitter.

On March 5, Oswalt tweeted an image of his daughter, Alice, sitting in a chair and holding up a handmade card addressed to the president. The card says "Calm down" and features two emojis. One of the emojis -- which Alice labeled "Me" -- is a smiley face wearing sunglasses, while the other -- labeled "You" -- is an anxious-looking face with bulging eyes.

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"Alice just made this postcard for President Trump," Oswalt wrote under the image. "I just mailed it." According to the Daily Mail, he actually did mail it to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in hopes it will reach the president. 

The tweet has been liked more than 56,000 times and retweeted over 8,000 times, with hundreds of people posting supportive comments.

"Out of the mouths of babes! God bless the child," Fellow comedian Richard Belzer tweeted, according to the Daily Mail.

Not everyone was impressed. Some people accused Oswalt of forcing his political views onto his daughter.

"Not caring for Trump but that's parents brainwashing there so sad this is what it comes too!!" someone wrote.

Oswalt replied with a tweet in which he appears to imitate that user's grammar.

"But no she was playing with friends and then bring it into the house to me I laughed true and she also didd!!!" he wrote.

Oswalt has reportedly been raising Alice by himself since his wife, Michelle McNamara, died unexpectedly in April 2016 at the age of 46. In February, Oswalt revealed that McNamara died from a combination of prescription drugs and an undiagnosed heart condition, according to USA Today.

"We learned today the combination of drugs in Michelle's system, along with a condition we were unaware of, proved lethal," Oswalt said.

McNamara had been taking Adderall, Xanax and a pain medication called fentanyl at the time of her death.

In December, Oswalt wrote a personal essay about his new responsibilities as a single father for GQ.

"I'm moving forward -- clumsily, stupidly, blindly -- because of the kind of person Alice is," he wrote in part. "She's got so much of Michelle in her. And Michelle was living her life moving forward. And she took me forward with her. Just like I know Alice will. So I'm going to keep moving forward. So I can be there with you if you need me, Alice."

Sources: Daily Mail, USA Today, GQ / Photo credit: Patton Oswalt/Twitter, Twitter via Daily Mail

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