Patient Pack Of Dogs Get Called One-By-One To Eat (Video)


It can be a daunting task to train just one dog to have the obedience to wait patiently until called upon. One canine daycare owner, however, manages to corral an entire herd of pooches in an orderly fashion (video below).

In a delightful viral clip, daycare owner Laurie Mosher stands before a spacious pen filled with 16 dogs under her watch. The pack stands at attention in a tightly-packed cluster as she rattles off the roll call for feeding time.

Mosher calls out each pup by name and, one by one, they trot out through the open gate to go get their chow, according to Shareably.

Anyone who has ever set down a bowl of kibble knows that the amount of discipline required for a pack of dogs to not make a mad dash for meal time is difficult to instill. The obedience shown by these 16 pooches speaks volumes to what an orderly operation Mosher runs.

As the daycare owner calls out the names of her charges, the pack contained in the pen continues to dwindle as the dogs each trot out, their tails wagging. While the majority of the pooches awaits their names to be called with rapt attention, one goofy Labrador plays by his own rules, with his back turned to Mosher and staring off into the distance.

When the crowd is whittled down to just the pondering Labrador, Mosher can hardly contain her amusement as the little maverick continues to have his back turned, staring off into the distance as if he is in a trance.

"Echo!" Mosher calls out.

Echo the Labrador does not respond for a beat, prompting a chuckle from both Mosher and the person holding the camera. After a long pause, Echo turns around in a flash and gallops out of the pen, as if he was just waiting to finish his deep thoughts.

The well-behaved group of dogs were being hosted at the K9 Country Club, a doggie daycare founded by Mosher in 2006. The facility, which is pitched as a summer camp experience for customers' beloved pets, is based in Yakima, Washington state.

Mosher, a licensed veterinarian who started her career in pet care in 1986, has 30 years of pet care under belt, according to the K9 Country Club Yakima official website.

Those years of practice show, with the daycare owner handling a pack of dogs like they were well-behaved students at a boarding school.

Sources: K9 Country Club Yakima, Shareably / Photo Credit: K9 Country Club Yakima

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