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Pastor Believes God Spoke To Him Through A Hospital Cleaning Woman

A man whose wife was fighting for her life in a Phoenix, Arizona, hospital believes God spoke to him through a female member of the cleaning staff.

Dan Scott, now chief pastor at Christ Church Nashville, rushed to the hospital in 2004 to meet his wife, Trish, who had been admitted for a severe headache.

Within minutes of his arrival, Trish suffered a brain aneurysm. It sent her into a coma and she was placed in intensive care, The Tennessean reports.

Trish’s prognosis was grim, and after speaking with doctors, Dan thought she was going to die.

Three days later, Trish suffered a stroke that left her partially paralyzed.

When Dan, who had done mission work in South America, decided to take a walk around the hospital he encountered a Hispanic cleaning woman and said hello in Spanish.

“Wait!” Genevieve Ruiz, 35, said to him in Spanish.

Ruiz turned over her hospital badge and showed Dan a small icon of Christ.

“This is who I really work for,” Ruiz said, as recounted on a blog post made by Dan in 2004 on his website, Pastor Dan Scott. “I pray for patients as I clean.”

“My wife is here,” Dan said. “She’s in trouble.”

“Don’t be afraid. She will wake up again. She belongs to Jesus,” Ruiz responded.

Ruiz joined Dan in Trish’s room for prayer. She told him that she prays for ICU patients each morning in the chapel before work, and then while working, she silently prays as she cleans.

“My soul was quitened,” Dan wrote on his website. “God has secret agents everywhere. There is no reason to be afraid.”

“That’s the voice I needed that day,” Dan told The Tennessean.

Trish came out of her coma six days later, and made a full recovery in just over a year.

“When I got in the room, she couldn’t talk but she reached out her hand. And I knew she knew who I was,” Dan said.

Dan believes that God spoke to him that day through Ruiz.

“Mostly God’s work happens away from church,” Dan said. “Genevieve helped me with that. She pushes a mop. She’s not even a doctor, but she was a gracious human being who wasn’t just working the clock.”

Dan and Trish stayed in contact with Ruiz up until her death, at age 80, a few weeks ago.

“She was every bit the servant of God that I was,” Dan said of Ruiz.

Sources: The Tennessean, Pastor Dan Scott / Photo Source: The Tennessean


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