Passersby Notice Dog Chasing Car, Don’t Realize Sad Reason Why Until It’s Too Late

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While passersby are out and about, they notice something so heartbreaking they are forced to stop and take out their phones to document it. A dog owner has just abandoned his sweet dog and chases after the family’s car after they simply left him behind as they moved without him in Thailand. Instead of searching for a new home for him, the dog owners decide they’re better off leaving him to fend for himself and try this hand at living the wildlife as a stray.

The dog in the clip chases after the car loaded with belongings. The vehicle is obviously driving away as the family tries to move to a new house without taking their dog with them. Whether they grew tired of the canine or simply weren’t able to take him with them, they went about the process all wrong. They should have taken him to an animal shelter or sought a new owner to take him into their home. Instead, they have forced the dog to try to survive by himself.


The incident occurred Monday night in Pattaya, Thailand. The person who happened to witness the atrocity was Kat Jorensuk, who was passing by on a motorcycle when she saw the dog chasing the silver Toyota pickup truck. Because she was concerned, she sped up to tell the driver of the Toyota about the dog. But when the person in the truck lowered the window, they alerted Jorensuk that they “did not want him.”

They were abandoning the dog behind as they moved to a new home in Thailand. It was a tragedy.


Eventually, the truck reached a speed that the dog could not follow. That’s when the dog officially became homeless. The changed seemed to affect his mood immediately.

“I didn’t know how long this poor dog had been running after the car, but I could see he was running so fast that his legs were sore,” Jorensuk said. She felt pity for the poor canine and could not believe that he was left behind as he was.


“I honked at the truck to get their attention, but the driver did not seem to slow down. So, I accelerated my motorbike to knock on the window and told the couple inside that they were being followed by the dog.”

Jorensuk tried to rescue the dog, but the dog owners had no sympathy for the beloved animal.


“At first, I was being positive and helpful, because I really thought that they might really not know about it. But when the wife replied me, ‘yeah, we don’t want it,’ and shut the window right in front of my face, then I knew that they intentionally left their own pet behind.”

This cruel treatment of the canine shocked Jorensuk. She found it “disgraceful.”


“The dog kept running and crying even though the truck was nowhere to be seen. I was very sad.”

She added, “If you know you can’t raise a pet at the first place, you shouldn’t leave him in a terrible condition like this.”


What do you make of this situation?

Sources: Daily Mail / Photo Credit: Post Image

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