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Passengers Won't Make Space For Man In Wheelchair, So Bus Driver Takes Matters Into His Own Hands

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A Paris bus driver received recognition after he ordered his passengers to get off the bus he was driving. It may at first sound like an unpleasant thing to do, but the driver did it for a special reason.

A person with a disability named François Le Berre shared his experience on his Facebook account. According to him, last October 18th he was at a bus stop in the French capital's 17th district when it all happened.

Le Berre said that he attempted to board the bus together with his companion, but nobody was willing to make room for him. However, everything changed when the driver noticed what was happening — he did not expect what occurred next.

"Yesterday, waiting for the bus in Paris, I laughed, because no one wanted to (make room). As nobody moved the driver said, ‘Terminus! Everybody [off]!’ After the driver came to me, he said, ‘you and your help you can ride and the others, you wait for the next [bus]!'” Le Berre stated.

Even though the other passengers were a bit annoyed with the sudden turn of events, the driver's actions truly inspired Le Berre's heart. His heart-warming Facebook post spread like wildfire and was shared more than 1,300 times. When his story reached Twitter, it garnered more than 5,200 retweets and 12,000 likes.

After the post went viral, a spokesperson from RATP announced to the public that they wanted to give recognition for the driver’s actions. Although some people speculated that it was a way for RATP to locate the driver and fire him, the public transit agency responded on Twitter saying, “An agent does not get fired when acting on behalf of travelers.”

As a result, many people praised him for being sensitive and kind, especially to people with special needs. The bus driver’s actions even led people to urge French President Emmanuel Macron to honor him for his remarkable deed.

Sources: CTV News / Photo Credit: Facebook/François Le Berre

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