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'Cash Me Outside' Girl Allegedly Punches Woman On Plane (Video)

A teen girl who rose to notoriety after a clip of her appearance on "Dr. Phil" went viral was reportedly escorted off a plane at LAX by police after she allegedly punched another passenger (video below).

Danielle Bregoli, 13, appeared on Dr. Phil's show, sparking an internet sensation with her bombastic behavior and remark telling audience members to "catch her outside." Bregoli and her mother were seen boarding a Spirit Airlines plane at LAX on Feb. 6, when an altercation the pair had with another passenger was caught on video, according to TMZ.

Danielle and her mother, Barbara Ann, were reportedly trying to put their luggage in the overhead compartment, with which Barbara Ann was reportedly struggling because of a foot injury. The passenger behind the mother and daughter allegedly became angry that they couldn't put their luggage away more quickly.

According to Danielle, the female passenger placed her hands on Barbara Ann's throat, which she said is why she had to punch the passenger. Video of the incident also shows the woman spitting at Danielle and her mother.

After the teen threw the punch, the woman reportedly made a citizen's arrest, and police arrived to take all three passengers off of the plane.

TMZ reports that neither Danielle and her mother nor the passenger who had been punched pressed charges, and no arrests were made.

Danielle discussed the incident in an Instagram video posted the next day, in which she described the woman as a "drunk crackhead," the NY Post reports.

"She was saying she was going to fight me. My mom was like put your hands on my kid," said Danielle in the Instagram video. "My mom took her by her throat, pushed her back and then the lady pushed my mom back."

Danielle added that the woman "got her a** whooped by a f***ing 13-year-old."

"So that's what happens, h*. Play with it if you want to," said the teen.

Danielle is expected to make a return appearance on "Dr. Phil" later in February.

A spokesperson for Spirit Airlines reportedly did not immediately respond to a request for a comment on the incident.

Sources: TMZ, NY Post / Photo Credit: CBS via NY Mag

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