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Passengers Cheer As Racist Man Is Kicked Off Flight (Video)

An unidentified man was removed from a United Airlines flight on Feb. 18 for making racist remarks while the plane was boarding at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport (video below).

The airline said the plane was scheduled to fly from Chicago to Houston, notes KHOU.

An unidentified passenger, who filmed part of the incident, said that a Pakistani man and woman, dressed in traditional Muslim clothing, were placing their bags in an overhead compartment when the man asked them: "That's not a bomb in your bag, is it?"

The couple seemingly didn't hear the question, so the man reportedly asked a second time.

The passenger who filmed the man and other passengers notified the flight attendants.

"The person ahead of us turned around and asked my boyfriend where he was from; my boyfriend said that's none of his business," the passenger who filmed told the news station. "At that point, he said all illegals and all foreigners need to leave the country."

A flight attendant told the man: "Sir, you’re going to need to collect your belongings and come with me," reports the Daily Mail.

The passenger who filmed the man told him: "White supremacist getting thrown off the plane."

"Where am I going to get my next flight?" the man asked.

The flight attendant told him: "Let's go. We're going to talk about that outside."

When the man's female companion asked if she had to get off the plane, the man told her, "Yeah, you gotta go too."

"That's very good guys," the man sarcastically told the passengers behind him.

According to the Houston Chronicle, the man insisted he didn't say anything wrong, and told some passengers: "Happy flight home. I hope you stay there."

"Get out of here," another passenger told the man.

"[Racists] aren't welcome in America," the passenger who filmed the man told him. "This is not Trump's America. Goodbye racists!"

Some passengers cheered as the man and his companion were removed.

Sources: KHOU, Houston Chronicle, Daily Mail / Photo credit: Lasse Fuss/Wikimedia Commons

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