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Crude Sand Drawing Spotted From An Airplane (Photos)

A photo taken by a passenger on an airplane and uploaded to Imgur has garnered more than 170,000 views and more than 500 comments in less than two days.

Imgur user PlebosaurusRex was looking out the window during a flight and decided to take a picture of the town below with their iPhone, according to the Mirror.

After checking the image, the passenger noted that something obscene had been sketched into the landscape. The user posted the image to Imgur with the caption: "Found something while flying over Denver." At the bottom of the image is a hint: "use the zoom."

Can you find it?

Image placeholder title

The "something" PlebosaurusRex refers to is an enormous phallus that someone appears to have drawn in the sand.

The hint is a good one, as it's almost impossible to spot without making use of the zoom function.

"Took me a good 10 minutes to find it," one person wrote in the comments. "Almost gave up, glad I didn't."

"Zoom just to the top left of the engine," another wrote, indicating the phallus' location.

A few people said they knew immediately what to look for.

"Automatically started looking for a d---," Imgur user boingloings wrote. "What have you done to me, internet?"

Sources: Mirror, PlebosuarusRex/Imgur / Photo credit: PlebosaurusRex/Imgur via Mirror

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