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Uber Driver Sends Passenger Flowers, Shockingly Open Letter (Photos)

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A shockingly straightforward letter sent by an Uber driver to a passenger went viral this week, causing a collective cringe from readers throughout social media.

According to the original poster, the letter was sent to their friend’s sister from an Uber driver she had. With flowers as a bonus gift, the Uber driver expressed his infatuation with the college girl in his letter.

“I have said things in this letter that I have not told anyone else, but I felt somehow you should hear them,” the driver wrote. “I want you to know that if we hit it off, I would work to make your last year at [school name withheld] special. I’m the kind of guy who brings a girl flowers, opens doors for her, and treats her like a princess.”

The driver went on to say that if she didn’t choose to give him a chance, the girl might instead spend her time wandering around a frat house “wondering why some drunken idiot frat boy” isn’t “making out” with her.

“To paraphrase a quote from ‘Notting Hill,’ ‘I’m just a boy, standing in front of a girl, asking her to love him.’ (Or at least have coffee with him),” the driver wrote.

The letter ended with a rather straightforward expression of the Uber driver’s feelings towards the passenger.

“If you don’t respond and our paths never cross again, please know that you are incredibly special. From those killer boots you were wearing, past those creamy thighs of yours, all the way up to that cute little bump on your nose. Please remember that any boy would be lucky just to talk to you, let alone kiss and caress every inch of that perfect body of yours.”

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“I physically cringed at ‘creamy thighs,’” Redditor Fantastical said.

“Did she report him to UBER? This is not ok. I think if UBER knew about this then they'd fire him and make a big deal about how drivers are not supposed to do this,” Ruindd wrote.

“Welp, time to give Witness Protection a ring!” Fknrat added.

What do you think of the driver’s letter?

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