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Parents' Detailed Demands For Toddler's First Birthday Goes Viral (Photo)

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Two parents penned an incredibly detailed and demanding first birthday invite for their toddler. The invite was originally shared on Reddit and soon went viral.

“With (name withheld)’s birthday coming up, we thought we’d ask for 4 items that he will really get a lot of use out of in the coming months,” the invite read. “We’re asking for gifts only from grandparents and the direct aunt/uncle for (name withheld)’s birthday party, and similar to Christmas, would like to restrict it to 2 items per household.”

The invite then listed the four items the parents had in mind for their infant son, including links to the products online for ordering. After listing the gifts they wanted for their son, the parents included guidelines about buying other items that aren’t on their list. Specifically, they requested that receipts be kept with gifts not listed because it’s “always nice to return items that he doesn’t need to get formula instead.” Interestingly, the parents also requested that people refrain from buying personalized gifts that would potentially “be used outside of the house.”

“Clothing with names is the #1 that leads to kidnapping,” the parents said, “so we don’t need to broadcast (name withheld)’s name on clothing or toys.”

At the end of the invite, the parents stated that a “formal invite” would be sent soon.

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Redditors criticized the invite for its excessive detail and specific gift requests.

“I wonder what that monstrosity would look like,” Redditor PeepingT0m said of the “formal invite” that had yet to be mailed out.

Other critics were more direct and blunt than others.

“He's 1, for Chrissake. Give him a f***ing sock. He'll laugh and throw it on the floor and you can pick it up and give it back to him and he'll throw it back on the f***ing floor. You can play floor-sock for months and never have to shell out a dime,” Lapys said.

Do you think the parents’ invite was too demanding for a 1-year-old?

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