Parents Tell Kids That They Ate Their Halloween Candy For Jimmy Kimmel Live! (Video)


For the fifth year in a row, "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" asked parents to tell their kids that they ate their Halloween candy, and film their dear children's horrified reactions (video below).

According to the show's website, Kimmel got over one thousand entries, and the late night talk show aired the best ones on Nov. 2.

The kids cried, fainted, got angry, stormed out of the room and lectured their parents. One little boy in his pajamas cried excessively hard.

USA TODAY noted, "Every year I think it won’t be funny. Every year I am wrong." stated, "The suffering is real folks and it’s hilarious."

The show's site asks people (sincerely), who have leftover candy, to donate their goodies to U.S. servicemen via

Sources: Jimmy Kimmel Live!,, USA TODAY, / Photo Credit: ABC-TV Screenshot


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