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Watch: Parents Find Out Why Their Son Takes So Many Showers (Video)

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Curious parents decided to find out why their 12-year-old son was spending so much time in the shower. When they finally figured it out, they decided to get the whole thing on video.

In the description for the video, the parents explained that they’d recently installed a showerhead that came equipped with a wireless Bluetooth speaker. Since acquiring the showerhead, Logan began taking “twice as many showers as normal.”

When the parents decided to investigate the reason behind their son’s extra showers, they discovered him dancing enthusiastically to the music playing from the speaker in the shower. They filmed Logan’s private dance party for almost a minute before he turned around and was shocked to realize his parents had been watching the whole time.


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“Their 12-year-old son spends way too much time in the shower and they think making a video of what he's doing in there is a good idea?!?” Redditor Xmarksthebluedress said in response to the clip.

“It could have turned out a LOT differently. I'm guessing the title is bogus and it's just a kid get his dance moves on and got busted doing it,” ShmooelYakov added.

Sources: Reddit, YouTube

Photo Credit: YouTube.


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