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Parent Embarrases Their Kid On Facebook To Teach Him A Lesson, Sparking Debate Online

A Reddit user shared a screenshot of one parent’s Facebook post that some say is a perfect example of parenting done right.

The screenshot, posted by Reddit user sorenstokkendal, comes from an unknown parent who appears to have hijacked their child’s Facebook page and posted some embarrassing information as a punishment for the kid’s behavior.

“I wanted to let you all know that he is no longer allowed on Facebook due to the choices he made today,” the post reads. “He posted on Facebook personal information about someone, that regardless of if it was true or not, it was rude. Because he chose to try and make her mad by spreading personal information, I thought he should know how it feels when the tables are turned. He wet the bed until he was 8.”

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The now-viral Reddit post has received hundreds of comments, and most people seem to think that this parent did the right thing by teaching their son a lesson.

“This is similar to those parents in FL who made their daughter stand on a busy intersection with a sign saying something to the effect of, ‘I like to disrespect my parents, talk back to my grandmother, and sneak boys into the house,’” Reddit user LittleDebbySnacks noted. “I believe there was a small local news report done on this and the adults interviewed either loved this parenting stunt or disagreed with it. Growing up in a family where lessons are taught hard, I thought it was funny and I could totally see my parents doing something like this instead of kicking me out of the house for a minute.”

“It teaches him the golden rule: treat others the way you want to be treated,” Reddit user Beedsoda argued. “He didn't like having that information posted, maybe he'll remember that if he does the same thing again. Just a thought, I don't know.”

Still, others seemed to disagree with the method of parenting.

“I mean, it WAS great parenting up until the last sentence,” Reddit user eagreeyes said.

Do you think this parent did the right thing in trying to teach their child a lesson?

Source:Reddit / Photo Source: Flickr, Pixabay


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