Boyfriend Reportedly 'Fattened Up' Girlfriend To Deter Other Men

A Chinese woman has accepted a marriage proposal from her boyfriend two years after they started dating, even after he reportedly forced her to “fatten up” so that she wouldn’t leave him for someone else. She now weighs in around 200 pounds.

In the two years since Yan Tai and You Pan started dating, Yan, an attractive young woman, has gained nearly 100 pounds. Reports say that she started out weighing around 100 pounds, and because You was jealous of other potential guys, he forced her to “fatten up” in order to feel secure about their relationship.

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The 20-year-old woman was reportedly treated to massive meals by her boyfriend and even fed snacks in the middle of the night in a desperate attempt for You to make sure he eventually married her.

Now, two years and 100 pounds later, Yan has accepted You’s marriage proposal. The 25-year-old boyfriend got down on one knee after presenting his girlfriend with a bouquet of Ferrero Roche chocolates and popped the question. Emotional and overwhelmed, Yan said, “yes” before the two went in for a kiss. During the proposal, the couple’s friends held up pictures of their favorite foods to add to the scenery.

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You reportedly promised Yan that he would feed her more than ever before once they are married.

Sources: Daily Mail, Says.com / Photo Source: Daily Mail


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