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Pamela Anderson Turns Heads After Posting 'Sultry' Throwback Photos


On Saturday, Pamela Anderson graced her fans with sultry pictures of a nude photoshoot that featured some horse kissing.

In one picture, the nude actress is seen bending down to kiss the handsome stud. The black and white picture provides a perfect contrast between Anderson’s golden hair and the thoroughbred’s darker mane.

She is holding the reigns tight in her grasp, giving the impression that she is in full control. Her toned arms keep her breasts conveniently covered, and her body is turned away from the camera.


In another picture posted earlier in the week, Anderson is seen lying on the ground topless wearing jeans, boots and a cowboy hat. The horse is seen leaning over to kiss her boot-clad feet.

Anderson, an avid animal activist, tagged Return to Freedom – a nonprofit focused on conserving wild horses – in her posts.

Her fans were quick to comment on the pictures, supporting the actress and commending her beauty.


One person commented: "You have a cute friend, Pam. You’re stunning as usual.”

Another one wrote: “Beautiful picture Pam, I love it.......”

"Natural tree shadows. Cute boots!” a third person commented.


"Beautiful picture Pam. It's like power and weakness and you hold the power. That horse has no chance," another noted.

These pictures were more on the tame side compared to another throwback photo taken by David LaChapelle. In the picture, she is transformed into an animal-human hybrid, complete with a bone tail and thorn nipples.

"@david_lachapelle #evolution #human #animal," she captioned the picture.

Sources: America Now / Photo Credit: Instagram/Pamela Anderson

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