Pamela Anderson In Hot Water Over Her 'Offensive' Halloween Costume

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Pamela Anderson is facing backlash and being accused of cultural appropriation for her Halloween costume.

The former Baywatch star, now 52-years-old, posted photos on her Twitter with the text, “Happy Halloween.” one of the pictures shows Anderson wearing underwear that has been covered in what seems to be white paint or milk while holding a Native American headdress. In the second photo, the actress is topless as she stands on a staircase and wears the headdress.


Many were outraged and offended. One Twitter user wrote, “Pamela Anderson and other white women demonizing and vilifying Indig existence is pure white feminism. Veganism is white feminism. WW don’t wanna confront actual animal abusers so they come at Indig folks who are just living our lives. It ain’t new.”

Another also called the photos as “racist” and told the star to “take [the photos] down immediately.”

There were also many comments accusing the star of “cultural appropriation.”


One of the tweets wrote, “I hate to break the news to u Pamela but this is the quintessential cultural appropriation that people are not liking. The Native head dress. Not so cool.”

Other comments also include, “Cultural appropriation is not a good look,” and “Sooooo big on respect for animals but not so much for humans who don’t look like you?? Got it, Pam.”

Some of the actress’ followers were also quick to defend her from the negative comments, with one user writing, “[G]eez! Lighten up!! We used to dress in Cowboy Indian stuff all the time…. you people are petrified of everything! America is where it can all work…stop stifling our choices!”


Another user also defended Anderson’s situation by comparing Massachusetts Democrat Elizabeth Warren. The user wrote, “No. This is a HALLOWEEN COSTUME. Actual ‘cultural appropriation’ was Elizabeth Warren ACTUALLY appropriating a Native American identity to gain advantage in education and employment.”

Sources: The Daily Wire / Photo Credit: Wonder TV

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