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'Oh My Gosh!': Kids Get The Surprise Of A Lifetime When Aaron Rodgers Shows Up (Video)

Aaron Rodgers, quarterback for the Green Bay Packers, decided to surprise four kids who are all bonded by their heartbreaking experiences, and for the kids, it was the surprise of a lifetime.

In the latest video for Rodgers’ website, four children who all lost their military dads were sitting on a boat talking about school when the star quarterback suddenly came by to surprise them.

At first, it’s clear that the kids didn’t recognize Rodgers, but after a few seconds, one of them became star struck.

“Oh, my gosh!” the young boy named Dylan proclaimed as he realized who he was sitting with. It wasn’t long before Dylan asked Rodgers to snap a selfie with him, and by the end of the meeting, Rodgers was talking with the children about Camp Hometown Heroes, a grief counseling camp for young people who have lost parents in battle.

Take a look at Rodgers’ inspiring video below.

Sources:The Blaze, / Photo Source: The Blaze


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