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Ozzy Osbourne Missing After Wife Kicks Him Out

Rock star Ozzy Osbourne has reportedly gone missing after his wife kicked him out of their California home for allegedly having an affair.

Reports indicate his wife, 63-year-old Sharon, forced her 64-year-old husband to leave after claims he had a fling with a younger hairstylist, Michelle Pugh, The Sun reports.

Now his children are searching everywhere to find him.

“[Son] Jack tried to get hold of Ozzy because he thinks he might talk some sense into him,” an anonymous source said. “He and his sisters Kelly and Aimee are worried about him and a bit shocked by what has gone on.”

The children even reached out to Ozzy’s alleged mistress May 7 to find out where he was, but she did not show up for work that day.

Sharon celebrated Mother’s Day with her adult children.

“She will have been trying to put Ozzy out of her mind and having a traditional Mother’s Day,” the unidentified source said.

“Sharon is in an unforgiving mood and does not want him in the house, so it’s a difficult position,” they added. “Sharon has got a fiery temper but after a row they often kiss and make up. It is a bit different this time though and she is extremely angry with Ozzy.”

Ozzy was last seen at the Beverly Hills Hotel but is no longer staying there.

Loved ones fear Ozzy’s past struggles with drugs and alcohol may resurface in his current state.

While the two have had marital problems before, this most recent argument may be one of their worst yet. Still, there may be hope for the couple.

“Although Sharon is furious, she has told Ozzy he has three weeks to save their marriage,” a source said, Hollywood Life reports. “She’s stood behind him on so many occasions, and is lost without him, so she would be willing to give Ozzy another chance. He goes on tour to Europe with Black Sabbath on June 1 — she’s told him, ‘Let’s fix our issues, or you’ll be spending the summer alone.”

Sources: The SunHollywood Life / Photo credit: REX Shutterstock/Hollywood Life

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