Owners Hand Dog In To Be Euthanized For Dumbest Possible Reason

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Dog owners can be picky. But when these owners grew sick and tired of their puppy because it was “not playing” enough or to their liking, they took it to the vet to be euthanized. The puppy’s name was Simba. And if the vet hadn’t gotten hold of him, his life would have been ended then and there because his owners just didn’t like him the way he was.

As it turned out, Simba had a simple reason for not being able to play. He just didn’t feel well. The vets found that he had multiple infections including one he caught from a tick. Because the owners weren’t showing him the kind of love he needed to see, they decided it was easier to kill him off when they simply could have gotten his infections treated. Then he would have been as good as new!


Thankfully, Sidewalk Specials, an animal rescue group, saved him from inevitable death. His owners dumped him off at the Cape Town, South Africa vet with the instructions to end his life.

But after he was treated for his infections, which took two months to do, he was moved to a loving foster home. There he proved to those caring for him that all he needed was for someone to give him the medical care he needed. After that, he just wanted to play – like every other puppy on the planet.

Patience is a very important virtue when it comes to owning a pet. Taking a puppy home to your family means that you’re accepting a new responsibility in life. That means you have to be willing to house train the animal, which can take a lot of work. You also need to be able to give adequate nutrition including food and water.


But perhaps most importantly, you need to spend some time with your animal. If you’re taking a pet home to your family, what’s the point if you’re not showering it with love and affection? Dogs have been shown to help make people feel better and be happier. But how can you access that benefit if you’re not petting them, snuggling up with them, and showering them with love? It feels good to give love just like it does to receive it. And in the case of a dog, they’re going to give you love no matter how you treat them. That’s why you should make sure to give them plenty of it – because that is also very healing.

Thankfully, Simba managed to come into contact with people willing to show him love and give him medical treatment. Once he got what he needed, he was as good as new and ready to join a family that was going to show him just how much fun it can be to be a puppy.


In the video below, you’ll meet Simba and learn more about his journey from sick puppy to a playful playmate. You’ll fall in love with him.

Would you want a puppy like Simba in your home?

Sources: Reshareworthy / Photo Credit: Post Image

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