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Dog's Priceless Reaction When Owner Gets A Kitten (Video)

This dog really, really wanted a kitten as a new best friend. So when his owner hints that he picked up a cat at the pet store, the pup absolutely can't handle the suspense in a wickedly funny dubbed video that shows exactly how dogs would act if they could speak English (video below).

"Remember how you wanted a kitten?" the owner asks his pup in the video, dubbed by Canadian voice actor/comedian Andrew Grantham for the Pets Add Life (PAL) YouTube channel.

The dog is so excited that he can't contain himself.

"Well come on, let's go!" the dog, losing all composure, says to his owner as he runs toward the door. "I want to see!"

"Keep your collar on," the owner interjects.

The dog opens his mouth and responds, "Huh?"

The owner goes on to torture his dog with a reminder of what his pup told him about how he wanted a girl cat.

"Oh, I can't believe you got me a cat…" the dog says, his jubilation trailing off as he looks around. "Where is she?"

This is when the owner decides to really get under his dog's skin.

"Wait, wait, you didn't let me finish," he interjects. "So I went to the pet store, and I looked at the snakes. I didn't get one," he adds as the dog makes a noise of distaste.

The owner keeps stalling, teasing his dog with a drawn-out story about all the other animals he looked at -- guinea pigs, mice, gerbils, parrots, newts, hamsters and hermit crabs.

"Oh, come on!" the dog exclaims in frustration. "I'm going to chew this couch's arms right off! I will!"

Around this point, a meow can be heard from off-screen.

Eventually, the owner fesses up that he picked up a shelter kitten from the pet store.

"No way!" the dog yells, bounding around the room. "You got me a cat!"

The video, which is part of PAL's nonprofit PSA campaign to advocate having multiple lets, ends by showing text that says, "Pets need a pal to talk to." 

Oftentimes, owners say that their dogs are happier when they have a companion, especially when the owners are gone for long periods of time, according to Dog's Best Life. Having a mate often gives dogs higher levels of energy and keeps them from getting lonely. If you are looking for a pal for your dog, consider rescuing that is the opposite gender as your pup with similar energy levels for the highest chance of compatibility.

Sources: Pets Add Life/YouTube, Pets Add LifeDog's Best Life / Photo credit: Renata Hladka/Instagram

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