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Outrage Over Child Dressed As Infamous Drug Lord For Halloween (Video)

A video (below) of a child dressed in a Halloween costume as the late drug kingpin Pablo Escobar has gone viral and caused outrage.

The child in the video has no idea that he is dressed as the infamous Colombian drug lord with a floral shirt and fake moustache. He has also been given a fake gun and a briefcase of money to hold, notes the Daily Mirror.

An adult is heard laughing off-camera at the costume.

The video was originally posted on Facebook on Oct. 27, where some found it funny, but many were outraged.

"Pablo Escobar is more than the king of coke. He is also the creator of narco terrorism which claimed the life of thousands of innocent people. Including little kids like this one," one Facebook commenter wrote, according to the Latin Times.

Sources: Daily Mirror, Latin Times / Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot


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