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Country Music Fans Outraged: Beyonce Sings At CMAs

Beyonce's performance at the 50th annual Country Music Association Awards (CMAs) on Nov. 2 stirred some outrage on Twitter from country music fans.

It seems it wasn't because of a song that she sang, but rather that she took the stage in the first place. notes that some of the tweets were downright racist, while others insisted that she was anti-American and hated the police (because of her opposition to police brutality in the song/video "Formation"):

Beyonce overrated racist n------ bitch.

Sorry, switched to World Series. Let me know when it's over.

Why???????????? I feel sorry for the country stars and fans that have to deal with her. I can pause the tv.

What version of 'f--- white people' will she be performing?

Shameful the #CMAawards50 allows a cop hating, Anti-American Racist on their stage! When did country music lose its way?

Do you think @Beyonce had a police escort tonight to the @CountryMusic awards tonight? I hope not since she doesnt like cops.

However, other Twitter users mocked the haters, reports The Wrap:

"starbucks green cups and now Beyonce at the #CMAs, it's really been a rough 48 hours for conservative white america."

"Beyonce is going to be at the CMAs but there would be outrage if a white person performed at the BET Awards. Hypocrisy much?"

But the haters were relentless:

@Beyonce keep that s--- out of country music please!

Omg what's this crap about Beyonce performing at the CMA's? Um no? Go away? Go back to your own genre? Thanks?

@Beyonce when did we run out of country singers!!!!!! So fed up with country artists being snubbed don't want this crossover crap.

What place does @Beyonce who vilifies police officers who keep us safe have to do with #CMAawards50 ?The @cubs are on screw that!

One Twitter user explained that the real problem was with people who didn't understand why Beyonce should not be performing:

"People seeing nothing wrong with Beyonce being on the CMAs are the reason 'country music' is crap now."

Sources:, TheWrap / Photo credit: Nat Ch Villa/Flickr

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