Man Who Converted Boeing 727 Into House Wants To Build Second Airplane Home In Japan (Photos)


An Oregon man who converted a Boeing 727 airplane into a fully functional home is planning to build a second airplane house in Japan.

Bruce Campbell has lived inside of a retired Boeing 727, which he converted to include a sleeping area, kitchen, laundry area, and bathroom, for 15 years. The $220,000 project turned the plane into a functional home that sits on 10 acres of land in the woods in Portland, Oregon, according to Daily Mail.

"If a conventional home is a legacy age family Chevy or Ford, an airliner home is a fresh new Tesla or Porsche Carrera," Campbell told San Antonio Express-News.

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Campbell said that living inside of an airliner is "a sheer thrill."

"They impart a near science fiction aura to an otherwise ordinary life, truly," he told the news agency.

The home is large enough for an individual or a small family, but not too large that it can't be transported on public roads.

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His next project will be to build a home out of a decommissioned Boeing 747-400 in Japan, where he spends half of the year.

"A superbly executed second project which very nearly fully preserves the original aircraft in all its sleek gleaming majesty will attract a great deal of world press interest for a very long time, and thus be of considerable promotional value to a partner airline," he said, according to San Antonio Express-News.

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Campbell currently operates a website,, that details his building process.

Sources: Daily Mail, San Antonio Express-News, Airplane Home / Photo credit: Daily Mail

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