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Can You See It?: This Optical Illusion Makes A Woman Appear On A Blank Canvas (Photos)

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A new optical illusion surfaced online that prompts readers to try to see a beautiful woman in a dark negative, just by staring at her nose.

After staring at the white dot on the nose of the woman portrayed in the negative for 15 seconds, participants are asked to stare at an off-white space. For many, the vision of a beautiful woman should then appear in the space. 

Known as a “negative afterimage,” the illusion is caused by ganglion cells in the eyes that send messages to the brain by identifying colors, reports The Telegraph. 

“The code for all the hues we can experience in the light spectrum, this information is relayed from the back of the eye to the brain via three opponent neuron channels,” Dr. Juno Kim, from the University of NSW School of Optometry and Vision Science, told Daily Mail Australia.

Humans have a black and white channel, as well both red and green and blue and yellow channels.

“When you look at something that, for example, is yellow for a long period of time, you stimulate the cells that are positively sensitive to yellow — so in the yellow and blue channel,” Kim said. 

See if the optical illusion works for you, below.

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Sources: Daily Mail, The Telegraph

Photo Credit: Via Daily Mail


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