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Unfaithful Man Claimed Girlfriend Was His Sister (Video)

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The new web series "To Catch a Cheater" captured an embarrassing moment as a woman caught her boyfriend flirting with another woman (video below).

Daily Mail reports that the incident started as the boyfriend, whose name is given as Patrick, sat next to a woman he thought was the host of a game show. The two started talking and Patrick began to massage and rub the purported host, who was in on the setup.

Patrick went so far as to swap social media handles with the woman and claimed that his girlfriend, pictured in the photos, was actually his sister.

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Patrick's girlfriend watched from a secret camera and was audibly upset at the interaction between the two. She and Patrick had reportedly been together for two years.

Finally, Patrick's girlfriend rushed on set to confront Patrick about his inappropriate contact with the host. "I’m your sister? You swapped Instagrams with her, you’re putting your hands all over her," she said in the video.

Patrick claimed he thought he was auditioning for a game show and that the intimate contact with the host was necessary to get on the show. Patrick's girlfriend quickly informed him that she had organized the entire ordeal and that the "host" was aware of the setup.

The two began arguing on camera.

"All the c*** that I’ve done for you, you’ve been living in my f***** house," she said as she confronted Patrick.  "He doesn’t have a f****** job," she said into the camera.

"You don’t have a job, how do you eat? Me," she continued. "You're out, you're done. You're done," she said.

Patrick attempted to downplay the situation and assure his girlfriend she was misunderstanding. She, of course, had organized the encounter to see how Patrick would react when propositioned by another woman.

Perhaps still in denial or genuinely perplexed, Patrick asked a producer who was standing near if he would still get the part. The producer informed Patrick again that the show was fake, and that it was entirely staged to see if Patrick would be faithful.

"I saw you. I trusted you when you brought me out here and you embarrassed me in front of everyone, and yourself," she said.

Patrick asked one final time if he got the part in either bewilderment or stubbornness to stick to his story. He was informed again that no, he did not.

At the end of the video, Patrick can be seen trying his luck with the host, who quickly refuses him.

Sources: Daily Mail, To Catch a Cheater/YouTube / Photo credit: Pixabay, To Catch a Cheater via Daily Mail

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