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Police Investigate Disturbing Social Media Photo

Tennessee authorities are investigating a disturbing photo of two small children whose mouths and hands are bound in duct tape posted March 17 on social media .

The Tennessee Department of Children's Services as well as local police department are currently looking into the situation, Fox News reports.

User Jaton Justsilly Jaibabi posted the picture with the caption, "Kids for sale 45% off because they bad".

Since then, the user’s Facebook page has been deactivated, while the associated Instagram account is set to private.

This is just one of many cases in which police have gotten involved as a result of photos posted on social media of minors.

In New York, 22-year-old Christopher Suk-Bin Brennan, an elementary school student teacher, used social media to ask dozens of females aged 8 to 15 for photos of themselves in bikinis, pretending he was a part of a modeling agency.

"It would appear he sent this sort of message to upwards of 200 similar age females," said Lt. Bob Winn, reports WNYT.

So far authorities say they don’t believe any of the girls he targeted were his students, or that he ever actually met them.

"[It was] completely random and completely anonymous. He did not know any of these girls," said Winn.

"We don't have any messages or any indication from him or any indication from any victims [that a meeting] ever took place between him and any person," he added.

Police explain they were able to track Brenna down through locating Brennan’s Internet service provider after two ten-year-old girls reported the man.

"Often times those are created with, you know, fake Gmail accounts and what not so they [were] just following the subpoena process until they were able to actually locate an [...] Internet service provider, and from that Internet service provider we were able to track [messages] being sent by Christopher Brennan," said Colonie Police Dept. Lt. Robert Winn.

Brennan was a senior at College of Saint Rose and intended to become a music teacher after he graduated.

Sources: Fox NewsWNYT / Photo credit: Forbes

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