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Twitter Mocks Sean Spicer For Having Lettuce In Teeth (Photos)

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer is once again being ridiculed on Twitter after people noticed he had food stuck between his teeth while speaking at his latest press conference.

Spicer cannot seem to catch a break. He took the podium on March 27 for a press briefing to address the resistance by some sanctuary cities against President Donald Trump's plans to deport illegal immigrants, the Daily Mail reported.

But some viewers noticed something stuck in between Spicer's bottom teeth. It appeared to be a green leaf of lettuce. The image sent Twitter users on a no-holds-barred frenzy.

"Sean Spicer’s teeth are a sanctuary city for spinach," joked one Twitter user.

"'Lettuce be clear…' - Sean Spicer," tweeted another.

"He's gonna turn into Popeye pretty soon…," wrote another.

"Sad when a person is disliked enough that no one tells him he has something in his teeth," tweeted another user.

Actor Jim Carrey is said to have also joined in on the fun, according to the Daily Mail. In a now-deleted tweet, Carrey wrote: "The rotting food in [Spicer’s] teeth is distracting and makes it hard to absorb today’s WH misinformation."

"All I wanna know is was [Spicer] saving the extra spinach in his teeth," tweeted another user. "For a late afternoon snack. Or brushing after meals not a thing!"

"Let's be very clear, Liar Sean Spicer has absolutely no credibility," tweeted another. "He lies for a corrupt WH and it's starting to show on his teeth."

"Sean Spicer has something on his teeth during presser...this guy is a upside down..stain on friends," tweeted another user.

"Somewhere, [Melissa McCarthy] is practicing a Sean Spicer 'food stuck in teeth' sketch…," wrote another user, referencing "Saturday Night Live's" recent satirical portrayal of the Trump administration. "I'm already laughing."

Other Twitter users resorted to memes, like this one:

Image placeholder title

And this one:

Image placeholder title

Aside from deportation, Spicer also addressed other topics, such as repealing ObamaCare, Trump's wiretapping accusations against former President Barack Obama, and tax reform, the New York Post reported.

Spicer also said "countless" Americans have died because of criminal immigrants who were not deported, according to the Daily Mail. However, he did provide any empirical data to support the claim.

Sources: Daily Mail, Twitter(23), New York Post / Photo credit: Gage Skidmore/Flickr, Twitter via Daily Mail

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