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Fan Takes Selfie With O.J. Simpson, Sparks Outrage (Photo)

Fan Takes Selfie With O.J. Simpson, Sparks Outrage (Photo) Promo Image

People are outraged after fans posed for selfies with O.J. Simpson in his first public outing since being released from prison.

Simpson, 70, appeared to be all smiles while visiting a Las Vegas Verizon store with his daughter, Arnelle, on Oct. 3, the Daily Mail reports. He was looking for help with his new iPhone.

But as the newly reunited father and daughter went about their business, a few fans stopped Simpson to ask if they could take a picture with him. Simpson obliged.

One of the fans, Raphael, shared his photo with the Daily Mail and joked that the former NFL star was "randomly in a Verizon store because of course he needs to get his Instagram right."

"I was in the Verizon store in Vegas yesterday, saw OJ, asked for a picture he said, 'Sure,'" Raphael recalled. "My girlfriend took the picture he said he was doing great and would be hanging out soon."

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But the photos sparked furious debate about the appropriateness and morality of stopping to take a photo with Simpson, given his controversial history with the law.

"Fans??" wrote one Daily Mail reader in the story's comments section. "He should be in prison without parole!!! How could this killer have ANY FANS!! Stop posing with this guy!"

Another wrote: "Taking selfies with a murderer. Disgusting."

"This just proves how screwed up in the head the people of this country really are," added another reader. "OJ should be required to carry around the crime scene photos of Nicole's butchered body and show them to anyone who wants to shake his hand and get a selfie before doing so. See how many of these weirdos are smiling and happy to meet him then..."

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"Such fun to be with a murderer, isn't it," wrote another sarcastic reader. "A role model every parent would welcome into the house. He will never show remorse for what he did. Yet some still have him on a pedestal."

Others defended Simpson.

"Innocent until proven guilty," wrote one reader. "The Juice was never proven guilty therefore he is innocent and not a murderer. Fact."

Another added: "Do not blame him. He was (acquitted) in an American court of law. Blame the pathetic justice system in the U.S. Same thing when cops get away with similar things, as one reader stated already before, but unfortunately, people like you stay (quiet)."

Simpson hasn't had a difficult time finding work after being released from prison. He was reportedly signing memorabilia in a private room at a Las Vegas hotel on Oct. 3, and again the following night, TMZ notes. Some of the items included USC and Buffalo Bills helmets.

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