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Man Orders Onion Rings In Kenya, Gets Surprise (Photo)

A British man who moved to Kenya for work learned the difficulty of the language barrier when he tried to order a plate of "cheesy onion rings."

Sam Ferguson, 28, recently moved from Worcester, England, to Nairobi, Kenya, reports the Daily Mail. While out to dinner at the Boulevard Hotel restaurant one night, he ordered a plate of cheesy onion rings.

When the waiter brought out Ferguson's food, he was in for a big surprise. Rather than the fried onion rings with melted cheese he expected, Sam was presented with a plate of cheese cubes topped with uncooked red onion slices.

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Amused by the mishap, Ferguson snapped a picture of his meal, which his brother, Mike, shared on Reddit. The photo quickly went viral with over 500,000 views in two days.

Sam spoke to Mirror, saying that he tried some of his meal, despite it being very different from what he ordered, and was not at all impressed. 

"We had a couple of cheese cubes," he told Mirror. "It was awful. The only way to get through the 'snack' was washing it down with lager."

Sources: MirrorDaily Mail / Photo Credit: Samuel Ferguson/Facebook via Mirror

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