One Direction's Louis Tomlinson Goes Viral With Penis-In-Soccer-Shorts Video (Video)


One Direction singer Harry Styles usually grabs the most media attention, but girls around the world are going ga-ga over a short video featuring Styles' bandmate Louis Tomlinson.

It's not a music video, but rather a short clip of Tomlinson's penis bouncing up and down inside his soccer shorts as females hoot and holler in the distance (video below).

The video was originally posted by website gossiper Perez Hilton who wrote on his Vine page, "This may be the best vine in the history of existence!!!"

Metro notes that the Tomlinson sometimes plays with the Doncaster Rovers soccer team, and was caught on video during a warm up before a match on April 19.

Tomlinson's young fans have been gushing about his manhood on Twitter.

The Daily Mail notes that Tomlinson was caught on camera on April 22 appearing to roll a "green weedlike substance" in paper, possibly a marijuana joint, inside his hotel room, but that has not been confirmed.

Tomlinson was recently photographed by the press leaving a London club with five young women who reportedly went back to his hotel.

Sources:, Vine, Daily Mail, Twitter
Image Credit: YouTube/Vine Screenshot


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