Marine Vet Isn't Afraid To Show What She's Got Below The Waist


A Marine Corps veteran who inspired England's Prince Harry is going viral online with revealing pictures, including one that reveals what's below her waist.

Kirstie Ennis was involved in a helicopter crash in 2012 that left her leg severely injured and resulted in surgery to remove the limb below the knee.

But she was determined to join other veterans from various nations on a 72-day, 1000-mile march across the U.K. The event was also attended by Prince Harry, who is involved in many veteran causes. The two connected.

She wrote in an Instagram post that she and Harry have become close friends after the event: “As we finished at Buckingham Palace today, TJs dog tag was left with Prince Harry to be honored and remembered. Prince Harry has become a dear friend to us and genuine advocate for our militaries.”

She faced yet another setback in late December when she had to have more of her leg removed, this time above the knee.

Ennis decided to document her progress instead of hiding it -- scars and all, reports Independent Journal Review. One picture in particular that is causing a stir online shows what's below her waist - her prosthetic leg.

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“I wanted to show the scars initially, anywhere on my body, even the disfiguring scar on my face. I wanted to portray the scars but I also I wanted to show the evolution of what I have been through,” she says

“At the end of the day, the struggle of what you go through -- whether it be traumatic or if you have a bad day in everyday life -- the struggle is what makes you stronger.”

Ennis recruited the help of boudoir photographer Marissa Boucher to capture her journey, according to Mad World News.

While the Marine vet has already inspired many people, Ennis keeps moving forward, stating, “I just want my story, my photos to be used as a means to inspire people to be confident and strong!”

And while her physical condition may slow her down in some circumstances, she does not let it define her. “I am physically different, but I am just as whole,” says Ennis.

Sources: Independent Journal Review, Mad World News / Photo credit: Kirstie Ennis/Instagram

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