Omarosa Stars As Action Hero In Movie (Video)

Omarosa Stars As Action Hero In Movie (Video) Promo Image

A 2006 video features the soon-to-be-former White House Director of Communications for the Office of Public Liaison Omarosa Manigault Newman as an action hero -- and it has left everybody bewildered.

In the film, "Soul Sistahs," Manigault Newman, a former contestant from reality show "The Apprentice," is kidnaped and sent on a mission by an old lady in a spaceship seeking to get rich quickly by stealing a piece of President Donald Trump's hair, the Daily Mail reports. Trump was the former lead on "The Apprentice."

The 10-minute YouTube clip shows Manigault Newman -- wearing a red bra -- as the film's hero, eventually claiming victory over the villainess and celebrating.

A source sent Page Six a link to the short movie amid reports Manigault Newman will be resigning in January after being physically escorted out of the White House, reports Fox News.

The clip has since taken the internet by storm and baffled many.

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"This couldn't get more bizarre," commented one person in Fox News' comments section. "Truth is stranger than fiction."

The movie caused many to again question the wisdom in Trump having hired Manigault Newman to work in the White House.

"This would be funny except for the fact that this woman had an active role in our government," wrote another person in the Daily Mail's comments space. "This is not a joke. It makes me ill."

"She actually had a paid job at the White House??" exclaimed a second.

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"Thanks, Buffoon, for putting this vile creature in the White House," a third commented. "Yet another great example of your judgement of character."

On Dec. 13, Manigault Newman captured headlines when she announced her resignation.

"Omarosa Manigault Newman resigned yesterday to pursue other opportunities," White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said. "Her departure will not be effective until January 20, 2018. We wish her the best in future endeavors and are grateful for her service."

A former White House official told CNN it was welcome news to some, including chief of staff John Kelly and former chief of staff Reince Priebus.

"People have long been unsure what she did at the White House," the former official said, adding that people at the White House often wondered "what value she brought" to the administration.

"Many of her colleagues are elated by today's news," the former official added.

Since announcing her resignation, Manigault Newman has criticized the administration, reports The Hill.

"[They] had never worked with minorities, didn’t know how to interact with them," Manigault Newman said.

"I have seen things that have made me uncomfortable, that have upset me, that have affected me deeply and emotionally, that has affected my community and my people," she added.

Sources: Daily Mail, Fox NewsCNN, The Hill / Featured Image: Pixabay / Embedded Images: Gage Skidmore/Wikimedia Commons, Glenn Francis/Wikimedia Commons

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