Cat Introduces Her Kittens To An Old Friend (Video)


When a stray cat gave birth to kittens, she decided to trot them up to a dog that is an old friend. The resulting reunion is a touching display of mutual trust and joyous affection (video below).

When the black cat approached the maple-colored dog, their interaction was guarded at first. The two had not seen each other for an extended period, and an overdue reintroduction was in order, Shareably reports.

The cat sat primly as the dog ambled towards her, his tail wagging in happy recognition. One of the cat's kittens shyly approached from behind her, visibly hesitant as it placed itself between its mother and her old friend.

The dog, curious about the tiny creature, takes a sniff. The mother pats her paw and takes a nip against the canine's snout, as if ruefully reminding him to respect the boundaries of her kittens.

Taking the hint, the dog plants himself down on the ground in a friendly posture. The cat, displaying an extraordinary amount of trust, crawls away and leaves her kitten with the dog, circling around them while they get properly acquainted.

The second kitten joins the group and sits with its sibling, the two kittens greeting their mother's friend. The dog lays on his side, allowing the two kittens to play with his paws.

After the kittens get to know the dog better, they leave their mother to privately play with her friend. The cat and dog affectionately roll around, nuzzling each other and making up for lost time.

The reunion is a beautiful reflection of friendship between animals, and how they are not so different from humans. Most could relate to a mother proudly introducing her children to an old friend.

The two animals were interacting without owner supervision. Both are strays that grew up together on the streets of a Russian city, according to Metro.

Life can be tough for stray cats and dogs in Russia, which does not have a sterling track record on animal rights.

"In Russia, you can abuse animals and it's not a crime," lawyer Dina Filippova told CNN. "You can buy and adopt an animal and release it on the street, it's not a crime. You have no legal obligation to sterilize your dog or cat."

Judging by their warm interaction, this particular pair of cat and dog manage to not only get by but experience joy in their daily routine.

Free to roam as they please, the cat and dog interact together because they wanted to, not because they happened to be adopted into the same home. 

Sources: CNN, MetroShareably / Photo credit: Jennifer C./Flickr

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