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Oklahoma Town's Dancing Law Cancels Valentine's Dance

A Valentine's dance that was supposed to happen at Rosie LaVon's Marketplace in Henryetta, Oklahoma, on Feb. 11 was canceled because of the town's dancing law.

A city ordinance does not allow dancing within 500 feet of a church, and the marketplace is only 300 feet away from a house of worship.

"The ordinance says no dancing allowed," resident Robbie Kinney told KTUL. "It's illegal."

Kinney brought up the law to city officials: "Has this law, this ordinance been overturned? And if so, when?"

She asked the same question on Facebook, and got pounded.

"They want to attack your character, they want to attack your past," Kinney stated.

"It's never been enforced my entire life," Mayor Jennifer Claso told the news station. "But I'd never looked at it because it never came up."

Claso looked for the ordinance, and found it.

"It's an antiquated ordinance, nobody has ever looked at it to change it," she added.

The marketplace's owner canceled the dance, as her husband works as the city's attorney.

"He said that his oath is to uphold the law," Clason said.

Police Chief Steve Norman asserted: "We have no intentions of enforcing that ordinance."

"Laws are laws, and we're going to abide by them," Kinney countered. "We can't pick and choose what laws we uphold."

According to Claso, the city council may get rid of the law on Feb. 22, eight days after Valentine's Day.

A flash mob protest is planned on Feb. 10, according to a commenter on the marketplace's Facebook page:

Here's a fun way to get out and get some exercise! Footloose flash mob in Henryetta, Friday at 7 p.m. Exact location tba at 630p.m. Friday. Please share with your friends that will be interested in participating.

It is to support the repeal of the Henryetta city ordnance against dancing in Henryetta city limits within 500 ft of a church.

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Sources: KTUL, Rosie LaVon's Marketplace/Facebook / Photo credit: City Of Henryetta

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