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Oklahoma Family Wins Food Network's Newest Competition Show, Makes Home State Proud (Video)


An Oklahoma family walked away with a $10,000 cash prize recently after winning the "Family Food Showdown" on the Food Network.

The Harris family were the lucky winners during the Monday night cook-off on the "Family Food Showdown" which aired on the Food Network. The Oklahoma family battled it out with the Santana family in three challenges and emerged on top thanks to their Cuban-inspired recipe that featured mashed potatoes, chorizo gravy, and fried chicken.

The winners own a restaurant

The win is no surprise since the Harris family owns a restaurant called “Off the Hook Seafood and More.” The restaurant is located in Oklahoma (their home state). The Harris family decided to go with a Cuban dish for the Food Network cook-off instead of a southern seafood dish because of the food they serve at their restaurant. Nonetheless, they made a great choice in doing so because the Cuban recipe ended up being the show’s winning dish.

As a result of winning, the Harris family took home $10,000 in prize winnings as well as the pride and recognition that comes with such a competitive victory. The competition was also a great publicity opportunity for their restaurant, which has two different branches in Oklahoma.

The fact that the Harris family owns a restaurant was an advantage in winning the competition, however, it was not the only reason why they won. Winning really comes down to which team throws down the best in the kitchen, as a panel was tasked with food tasting to determine the winner.

What next after winning the $10,000 cash prize?

The Harris family was delighted with their win and will use the money to treat themselves to a holiday cruise trip. "Every year we tried to take our kids somewhere for Christmas. We usually go on a cruise. This year we might do something different. We might go to an island," stated Corey Harris. Corey also hinted that he might make a comeback on the Food Network, but he did not go into details.

Sources: KFOR, News 9, KJRH / Photo Credit: KFOR

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