Oklahoma City Thunder Fans Slam Kevin Durant (Video)


Oklahoma City Thunder fans slammed Kevin Durant after he announced on July 4 he was leaving the team for the Golden State Warriors (video below).

Several Thunder fans burned replicas of Durant's jersey, filmed the incarcerations and posted them online, ESPN reports.

The former fans often dropped F-bombs as they burned the jerseys, and some appeared to use their Fourth of July barbecues to cook the clothing they once prized.

Durant's restaurant in Oklahoma City tweeted a picture promoting its barbecue chicken for the holiday, which was met with derogatory comments by fans, according to SB Nation:

You might as well shut down and sell the place.

KD is a traitor, you better look for jobs ASAP.

True, ya'll better find new jobs, and it is truly fitting that you are featuring chicken.

Jam your chicken.

Arguably the angriest fan is Twitter user, LostNUnbound.

He tweeted a picture of a 2009 tweet by Durant that said, "I wanna play with Oklahoma City for my whole career," and added the caption, "The biggest lie of the decade," notes Mediaite.

LostNUnbound also tweeted, "I need to make a list of the things Kevin Durant screwed up, but I don't have enough paper."

LostNUnbound saved his real rant for a YouTube video where he said:

I hope you have a new home in the dumpster with your career! Forget about it bro, you have literally gone from my favorite player to the most hated player I've ever seen in a second, in a tweet, in a single headline! It's the only NBA jersey I have! It's the only one I care about! It's the only one I used to care about! What is this? This isn't even real! This isn't even real! You're not even a part of this team!

Later in the irate video, he uses scissors to tear up Durant's jersey.


Sources: Mediaite, SB Nation, ESPN / Photo Credit: Hoop Jab/YouTube

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