OJ Simpson's Manager: I Know Who The Real Murderer Is


O.J. Simpson's former manager, Norman Pardo, says he knows who killed Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman back in 1994 – and it's not the former football star.

"I know who did it and I knοw why they did it," Pardo said in a March 8 interview with KNX 1070 Newsradio, according to CBS Los Angeles. "I just can't disclose it right now."

When questioned why neither he nor Simpson had released the information to police, Pardo said: "We tried to talk to the police, but they took all my stuff regarding the incidents. ... We had people working on it, and when we talked to the police about it, they raided my office and took it all."

Meanwhile, a knife found at Simpson's former Brentwood estate by a construction worker in 1998 has recently been given to authorities, re-opening investigations into the murders, CBS reported.

The LAPD announced on March 4 that the knife was being examined.

But the Heisman Trophy winner doesn't seem too concerned with the new evidence. Pardo told People Magazine that Simpson "isn't losing any sleep" over it.

"Everybody I've spoken with says he's just ignoring it; he's not talking about it," Pardo said. "When he heard the news on TV, all he did was shake his head, as if to say, 'Will this ever end?' He's definitely shrugging it off and pretty much saying, 'I'm not going to worry about it.'"

Because the murder weapon was never found, authorities believe the knife could provide key evidence in the case.

It is unclear when the LAPD will disclose the results of the investigation.

Even if the blade is identified as the murder weapon, however, Simpson cannot be tried for the same crime again under the double jeopardy law.

Sources: CBSLA (2), People Magazine / Photo credit: Myung J. Chun/Los Angeles Times

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