Ohio Man Accused Of Pooping On Grocery Store Scanner

Colin Murphy was arrested on May 29 after he allegedly exposed himself and defecated on a self-checkout scanner inside a Kroger grocery store in Cincinnati.

According to the police report, Murphy allegedly "stripped naked in front of" a store employee, and then "defecated on U-Scan it," investigators allege, according to The Smoking Gun.

The report noted that Murphy had a smell of alcohol, staggered when he walked and slurred when he spoke.

Murphy was arrested and charged for disorderly conduct and public indecency.

Murphy, who reportedly lives less than two miles from the store, was banned from going there by a judge on May 30.

After Murphy's bail was set at $2,000, he bailed out of the Hamilton County jail.

In a similar, recent story, on May 16, then-KPHO/KTVK TV reporter Jonathan Lowe was arrested in Goodyear, Arizona, for allegedly defecating on a woman's lawn while working on location.

Goodyear Police Department spokeswoman Lisa Kutis told the Phoenix New Times: "Lowe chose to use the front yard of a residence to relieve himself. An onlooker from across the street called it in to officers. They approached him, he said he'd had to relieve himself, and they arrested him."

According to Kutis, the TV journalist was charged for a misdemeanor of "public urination or defecation." If convicted, Lowe could go to jail for up to six months or incur a fine of up to $2,500.

The Phoenix New Times published details about the police report and noted in a follow-up story that Lowe was fired from his TV station.

According to the newspaper, Police Officer David Mitterbauer noted in the report that witness Andrea Waters noticed that a TV news van was parked in front of her home "for about 40 minutes."

Waters told police that she recognized Lowe when he got out of the news van and walked to a house across the street.

Waters said that she saw Lowe "approach the side of the front yard, squat while leaning against the wall of the residence and proceed to defecate in the yard of the residence." Waters said that Lowe then "stood up and walked back to the news van."

Waters told police that she would have allowed Lowe to use her bathroom had he asked.

Mitterbauer subsequently arrived on the scene, and recalled that Lowe told him: "I know what you want me to talk to me about. I've been feeling very sick and I've been stuck in this van all day. So I went over to that person's yard and took care of business. Those people who called on me just wanted to start problems."

It's not clear what the status of Lowe's case is now.

Sources: The Smoking Gun, Phoenix New Times (2) / Photo credit: Hamilton County jail via The Smoking Gun

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