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'It's Just Mind-Blowing':Girl Scout Troop Sacrifices Their Cookie Profits To Help Woman Who Lost Home

An Ohio Girl Scout troop has decided to forego a treat to reward themselves for selling cookies and instead come to the aid of an elderly woman who recently lost her home. 

The Good News Network reports the troop from West Carrollton, Ohio, had just wrapped up their annual cooking selling campaign when the members learned that the great-grandmother of one of their own had just lost her home to a house fire. 

The girls were planing on spending their earnings on a trip to a day spa to get manicures and pedicures but when they heard that Barbara Dolan had lost her house they decided to donate their money to her instead. 

“She lost everything,” 10-year-old Alaura Ibaugh told WDTN News. “She lost 75 years of pictures and she lost most her jewelry.”

The scouts had $300 to give Dolan. They also collected an additional $200 in donations and put the money in a handmade card to deliver it to the elderly woman. 

Bonnie Wright, Dolan’s granddaughter and mother of a troop member said she was touched by the girls’ generosity. 

“For a group of young girls that age, it’s hard for them to grasp the concept of what just happened,” Wright said. “For them to give up something that meant so much to them for a complete stranger, it’s just mind-blowing.”

Family members said they believe an electrical short in a lamp started the blaze. Dolan was not home at the time of the fire but another family member who was at the house suffered third degree burns.

After delivering their gift, Wright arranged to have the girls treated at a local spa. Fab Kid Spa Party Boutique in Vandalia, Ohio, donated the spa day to the girls after Wright told the staff what the scouts had done for her grandmother.

The troop members aren’t done helping Dolan either. They have set up a GoFundMe page to help raise more money for the woman who needs to buy new clothes and personal care items. The girls have set a goal of $5,000. They have raised $2,080 so far.

Sources: Good News Network, WDTN News, GoFundMe

Photo Credit: WDTN News


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